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Address of Pope Francis to Representatives of the Neocatechumenal Way

Paul  VI Audience Hall
Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

I thank the Lord for the joy of your faith and for the ardour of your Christian witness, thanks be to God! I greet you all warmly, beginning with the International Team of Directors of the Neocatechumenal Way, together with the priests, seminarians and catechists. I extend an affection greeting to the children, present here in such great numbers. My thoughts go in a special way to the families, who will be travelling to different parts of the world to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel. The Church is grateful to you for your generosity! I thank you for all you do in the Church and the world. 

And in the name of the Church, our Mother — our Holy Mother Church, the hierarchy as St Ignatius of Loyola liked to say — in the name of the Church I would like to give you a few simple recommendations. The first is to take the greatest care to build and preserve the communion within the particular Churches where you will go to work. The Way has its own charism, its own dynamic, a gift that like all gifts of the Holy Spirit has a profoundly ecclesial dimension; this means listening to the life of the Churches where your leaders send you, appreciating their riches, suffering through their weaknesses if necessary, and walking together as a single flock under the guidance of the Pastors of the local Churches. Communion is essential: at times it can be better to give up living out in detail what your itinerary would call for, in order to guarantee unity among the brethren who form one ecclesial community, which you must always feel a part of. 

Another point: Wherever you may go, it will be good for you to think that the Spirit of God always goes before us. This is important: the Lord always goes before us! Think of Philip, when the Lord sends him by that road where he meets an administrator seated in his chariot (cf. Acts 8:27-28). The Spirit arrived before him: he was reading the prophet Isaiah and did not understand it, but his heart was fervent. Thus, when Philip approaches, he is ready to be catechized and baptized. The Spirit always arrives before us; God arrives there always before we do! Even in the furthest places, even in the most diverse cultures, God sows the seeds of his Word everywhere. Hence the need to pay special attention to the cultural context in which you families will go and work: it is often an environment very different than that from which you come. Many of you will take the trouble to learn the local language, at times difficult, and this effort is admirable. Much more important will be your commitment to “learning” the cultures you encounter, knowing how to recognize the need for the Gospel that is present everywhere, but also that action that the Holy Spirit has accomplished in the life and the history of every people. 

And finally, I exhort you to take loving care of one another, especially the weakest among you. The Neocatechumenal Way, as way of discovering one’s own Baptism, is a necessary path, along which a brother or sister can find unforeseen challenges. In these cases, the exercise of patience and mercy by the community is a sign of maturity in the faith. The freedom of each one of you must not be forced, and it must be respected even if one chooses to seek, outside the Way, other forms of Christian life that may help him or her to grow in their answer to the Lord’s response. 

Dear families, dear brothers and sisters, I encourage you to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere, even to those most de-Christianized, especially in the margins of life. Evangelize with love, bring God’s love to all. Tell all those you meet on the streets of your mission that God loves man as he is, even with his limitations, with his mistakes, even with his sins. That is why he sent his Son, that he might take our sins onto himself. May you be messengers and witnesses of the infinite goodness and inexhaustible mercy of the Father. 

I entrust you to our Mother, Mary, that she may always inspire and support your apostolate. In the school of this tender Mother, may you be zealous and joyful missionaries. Never lose the joy, go forward!

Source: Official Vatican website.

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  1. Mala traducción (me refiero a la que emitió el Vaticano), el Papa dijo: que el Camino es un camino EXIGENTE, es decir que ha perdido la Gracia, se basa en el esfuerzo humano, por lo tanto termina con el cansancio de sus componentes, de ahí que la única forma como se puede terminar ese camino es convirtiendose en fanático, es decir un ciego, un maldito (maldito aquel que sigue a otro hombre). En la traducción dice que es un camino NECCESARY, error fundamental pues esa palabra tiene el mismo significado que su parecido en español "necesario", por lo tanto cuando los de habla inglesa lean que el CNC es un camino necesario, van a quedar mas confundidos que al comienzo.

    1. De acuerdo, la palabra correcta sería DEMANDING (demandante) o STRICT (estricto).

    2. This is the paragraph written by Radio Vaticana, which I believe is a better translation than the one above:

      Finally, I exhort you to care lovingly for each other, in a particular way for the weakest. The Neocatechumenal Way, as an itinerary of discovery of one’s own baptism, is a demanding road, along which a brother or a sister can come upon unforeseen difficulties. In these cases, the exercise of patience and of mercy on the part of the community is a sign of maturity in the faith. The freedom of each person must not be forced, and even the eventual choice of someone who decides to seek, outside of the Way, other forms of Christian life that help him to grow in the response to the call of the Lord must be respected.

      Text from page http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2014/02/01/pope_to_neocatechumenal_way:_build_ecclesial_communion,_evangelize/en1-769304
      of the Vatican Radio website

    3. That's true, the translation of “è una strada esigente” is [the Neocatechumenal Way] is “a demanding path”, not a “necessary” path as published in the English translation.

      As a matter of fact, NW is all but a necessary path, although demanding. Rodrigo's comment below highlights the strong recommendations, i.e. firm instructions to end with permanent disobedience, segregation, blatant disregard for local cultures and sectarian behavior assaulting members' free will.

      The original soundtrack reflects small additions made by the Holy Father: talking about enculturation, he said “L'ho ditto a Kiko” which means “I mentioned that to Kiko”. Warned twice: take into account local cultures.

    4. Demanding me parece que lo expresa mejor. Porque estoy con quien ha explicado que el Papa no estaba haciendo un elogio del cnc al hacer notar que se trata de un camino exigente, sino todo lo contrario.

      El Papa hacía notar que en él no se da la gratuidad, que todo es cumplimiento, exigencia, obligación, imposición...

      Obedece, crucifica la razón, se sumisa, obedece, no pretendas comprender a Dios, haz lo que se te dice, no esperes que te den explicaciones, sólo obedece... así una y otra vez, en un camino a ninguna parte que no acaba nunca.

      Todo exigencia. Demanding.


    6. Por eso dice el Papa Francisco que un signo de madurez de la fe es el ejercicio de la paciencia y misericordia. Otra cosa es que lo hayan comprendido en el Camino.

    7. Como dice la canción

      "The road to nowhere...leads to me...oh the road to nowhere..."

      Debe haberle dolido al Mr Arguello Wirtz que le dijeran que "su camino era exigente y largo" y su JEFE nada más y nada menos....

      I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Thanks to this blog and many others around the globe the truth about the Neo Cathecumenal Way is coming to light. Ever since Cardinal Arinze, in 2005, following instructions from Pope Benedict XVI himself, issued a letter ordering the Neocats to follow certain Liturgical Norms ( please read: http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/on-liturgical-norms-for-the-neocatechumenal-way ), the Neocat hierarchy have elusively disobeyed the Holy See.

    Then there was the Vatileaks scandal, where the NW clearly tried to make Pope Benedict XVI sign the definite approval of the Statutes. It didn’t happen, thank God.

    And now this address made by Pope Francis, on the See of Peter, IN THE NAME OF THE CHURCH, ordering these people three things (when the Pope, diplomatically says “recommendations”, he is actually issuing orders):

    1. “Walk together as a single flock… in communion with the rest of the Church.” Clearly, the Holy Father knows that the NW is essentially a separatist movement, always doing their things away from the Parish, hidden, with closed doors, their own mass, their own celebrations, the arcane, their liturgy, their hymns, their paintings, and so on.

    2. “Pay special attention to the cultural context.” Our Holy Father knows, as we who once belonged to the NW, that the common practice is to simply impose the whole method, no matter what. The NW is always the same regardless of which part of the world it is in. There is no adaptation from the NW whatsoever.

    3. “The freedom of each one of you must not be forced, and it must be respected even if one chooses to seek, outside the Way.” This one speaks for itself. We know by first hand what it means to leave “the way” when we are called “demons”, “deceived by the demon” for leaving, and are threatened by the cathequists telling us how we will only find suffering outside “the way”.

    In conclusion, I urge the readers of this post to stay away from the Neocathecumenal Way because it is a Sect and a sick cult within the Catholic Church, where the figure of the leader Kiko Arguello is more important than God.

  3. I thank the Lord for the joy of your faith and for the ardour of your Christian witness, thanks be to God! I greet you all warmly, beginning with the International Team of Directors of the Neocatechumenal Way, together with the priests, seminarians and catechists. I extend an affection greeting to the children, present here in such great numbers. My thoughts go in a special way to the families, who will be travelling to different parts of the world to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel. The Church is grateful to you for your generosity! I thank you for all you do in the Church and the world.

    1. Yes, the greeting is very nice. Nothing you wouldn't expect from a Pope in a meeting in the Vatican. Do you have anything to say regarding the Pope's "recommendations"? Just wondering, because to tell you the truth, I have never heard a Pope speak to people in this manner.

      You see, the problem, imo, is that kikozombies, as I usually call them, only hear what they want to hear, interpret irresponsibly what their bosses tell them, accomodate things in their convenience and they just end up doing what they want, which is isually screwing innocent people's lives, getting around things and praising the three vultures that lead the scam.

      I truly hope this Pope finally puts an end to this mess inside the Church.

    2. Right, Rodrigo, they filter out anything they are not able to recognize as their guru´s secret. People from the reality of all realities is not reality sensitive.

      For you my friend a very short quote of Byron:

      Of narrow brain, but of a narrower soul,
      Pomposus, holds you in his harsh controul;
      Pomposus, by no social virtue sway'd,
      With florid jargon, and with vain parade;
      With noisy nonsense, and new fangled rules,

      He governs, sanctioned but by self applause.

  4. Habéis oído que se dijo a los antiguos: "No matarás", y el que mate será procesado. Pero yo os digo: Todo el que esté peleado con su hermano será procesado. Y si uno llama a su hermano "imbécil", tendrá que comparecer ante el Sanedrín, y si lo llama "renegado", merece la condena del fuego. Por tanto, si cuando vas a poner tu ofrenda sobre el altar, te acuerdas allí mismo de que tu hermano tiene quejas contra ti, deja allí tu ofrenda ante el altar y vete primero a reconciliarte con tu hermano, y entonces vuelve a presentar tu ofrenda. Con el que te pone pleito, procura arreglarte en seguida, mientras vais todavía de camino, no sea que te entregue al juez, y el juez al alguacil, y te metan en la cárcel. Te aseguro que no saldrás de allí hasta que hayas pagado el último cuarto.

    1. Sabes que es lo peor? Que en el Camino se "mata", se "encarcela", se "insulta" y nadie dice o hace nada...buscan excusas ridiculas, como "es que hay que humillarlo"....NADIE, lease bien NADIE tiene derecho a ridiculizar o humillar a nadie a proposito con intención de que conozca la humildad evangelica. El catecumenado promulga: COMPLEJOS...y muchos con la excusa de bajar, y de "el cristiano no se defiende" permiten bobadas y estupideces, mientras que otros se revisten de una "falsa humildad" para anteponerse y ridiculizar a la gente.

      Pueden citar mucha Biblia los catecumenos...mucha...el AT y el NT...toda, de Genesis hasta Apocalipsis...pero ellos mismos, no la cumplen. Son soberbios, arrogantes, exclusivistas, miran a cualquiera que no es de su movimiento como una persona ignorante o "religioso natural". Lo he visto, lo he oido y lo he experimentado.

      ¿es eso el verdadero cristianismo? Nope...no lo es.

    2. Pocholo y el tuyo si es verdaderamente cristianismo? jajaja
      Claro :)
      Me alegra mucho!

    3. Pocholo, el anónimo escribe a propósito del cnc, precisamente lo que quiere denunciar con esa dita evangñelica es que el cnc tiene muchos muertos en el armario, en sentido metafórico y no tan metafórico, pues son muchísimos los dañados porque en el cnc se les ha llamado imbéciles y/o renegados.

      Por eso advierte a los kikines que están jugando con fuego y que ka gehena de fuego es real.

    4. Para "Martha"

      Yo sé que el cristianismo enseña a imitar a Jesucristo, el AMAR y PERDONAR, que yo no lo haga, bueno soy débil y pecador como cualquiera y le pido al Señor que me de su luz y su Verdad, pero tampoco me las doy de pretender tener una "escuela para santos" y la formula mágica para convertir al hombre y a la mujer en un "moralista" sin sentido alguno de la razón, la dignidad del otro y sin la debida preparación y violando de manera solapada lo que enseña la Santa Madre Iglesia Católica. Desconociendo siglos y años de Patristica, de sabiduria de los santos y los doctores de la Iglesia, porque al Señor Francisco "Kiko" Arguello, por arte de "birlibirloque" se le ocurrió adaptar un método usado en la Iglesia Primitiva.

      Es como decirte que voy a hacer una barbacoa usando palos y piedras cuando puedo usar un encendedor....hay que tener un poquito de "seso". No somos la Iglesia Primitiva!!!

      Asi que amiga Martha para que lo sepa, el Cristiano, aunque débil y pecador, reconoce que es Hijo de Dios en Jesucristo y camina con la frente en alto (Walking Tall como dicen en inglés) y sin complejos, inseguridades, falsas humildades, ni nada por el estilo.

      El Kikianismo..? No, gracias...been there, done that...

    5. Yo le pediría a Martha la receta del 'verdadero cristianismo', porque su comentario me ha sonado a tirar la piedra y esconder la mano.


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